BMW Championship: Phil Mickelson Skips Pro-Am, Practice Rounds at Conway Farms

By Carl Conrad
Phil Mickelson Skips BMW Championship Pro-Am
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This is starting to become a habit. First, Phil Mickelson arrives at the last minute before the U.S. Open, then he almost forgets to check in ahead of the PGA Championship and now he won’t be showing up for the BMW Championship until this evening. That means Lefty won’t get in any practice rounds at Conway Farms in addition to skipping the pro-am portion of the week. According to PGA Tour rules, each golfer is permitted to skip two pro-am events each year – and this is Mickelson’s second. He has cited personal reasons as the impetus behind his late arrival and declined to comment further.

If another player – Tiger Woods, perhaps – were to engage in this same behavior they would more than likely be considered cocky, overconfident and filled with hubris. Mickelson gets a pass in that regard, however, because of his track record and personality. I don’t necessarily agree with that. While I don’t think it’s a big deal for him to show up so late to the second-to-last FedEx Cup Playoff event, that sort of a double standard is nonsense.

The last time Mickelson arrived at an event at the eleventh hour it didn’t turn out too badly for him. The sixth-ranked golfer in the FedEx Cup standings showed up later than most to the U.S. Open so that he could attend his daughter’s grade school graduation – and ended up finishing tied for second. He’ll be facing off against the rest of the 70 in the standings as they chase the $10 million grand prize that goes to the winner of the playoffs.

I’m sure Mickelson wasn’t just sitting on the couch at home eating cookies. Chances are that he was working on his game in familiar surroundings. With that being said, it wouldn’t have been detrimental to his chances to get in a little work at the actual course he will be playing for the next four days.


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