TOUR Championship: Wrist Tendinitis One More Obstacle for Henrik Stenson to Overcome

By Carl Conrad
Henrik Stenson TOUR Championship Wrist Tendinitis
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What is it with PGA Tour players getting injured in their sleep? First, Tiger Woods sleeps on a mattress that wasn’t up to his standards prior to The Barclays. Now, Henrik Stenson is battling tendinitis in his wrist that flared up when he awoke Saturday morning during the BMW Championship. The chances are good that the tendinitis didn’t occur while the Swede was sleeping, but he noticed it when he woke up, nonetheless.

Over the last few days his wrist has gotten more painful which will add another obstacle for Stenson to overcome in his quest for the FedEX Cup championship. “It’s painful but I’ll be able to play through it,” he said. It was so bad that he struggled brushing his teeth at points this week. As if there weren’t already enough pressure on Stenson ahead of his TOUR Championship debut, now he has to try and figure out how to fight through an incredibly painful ailment.

“It hasn’t really been affecting my shots that much, but it’s gradually getting more and more painful kind of overnight before I get going in the morning,” Stenson said. “So I’ll try to rest it a little bit today and probably come out earlier tomorrow and do a bit more.” That’s the thing with tendinitis – it gets steadily more painful the more the impacted area is used. That’s not good news for someone who is looking at 72 holes of golf over the next four days.

If there were any circumstance that could cause someone to try and fight through such pain, it’s the one Stenson finds himself in now. He might say that it isn’t affecting him but I find that hard to believe. I doubt he’ll be able to say the same thing with a straight face when the weekend rolls around. Despite the injury, Stenson still has a good chance this week – just maybe not quite as good as prior to this diagnosis.


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