5 Options for Tiger Woods’ 2014 New Year’s Resolution

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Options for Woods’ 2014 New Year’s Resolution

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Tiger Woods reclaimed the No. 1 world ranking this past season. However, that was not enough for some people to think that he was “back.” Woods still has some things he needs to work on before he can become the Tiger Woods once again, so we will be looking at five options for his 2014 New Year’s resolution.

Do people honestly think Woods is done winning majors? If so, that is crazy. I don’t care if it has been years since his last victory in one of golf’s biggest tourneys, Woods is still the best player in golf.

Unfortunately, winning majors is all people care about these days when it comes to Woods. However, that is kind of what Tiger seems to care about as well, so it is no wonder why many people would think like that.

I am sure Woods has had his fair share of New Year’s resolutions over the years--especially with his personal life and image being shattered a few year’s ago--but let’s keep it in on the course.

New Year’s is all about starting over, doing better and being better--at least for most people. I really think Woods is going to turn the page and go off on the golf world once 2014 hits. It would not surprise me if he won two majors this year and I really think that will be the case.

Whether if he does that or not will remain a mystery, but let’s look at five options for Tiger Woods’ 2014 New Year’s resolution.

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Win the FedEx Cup

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Winning the FedEx Cup may not be as big as winning a major, but I am sure it will be in time. Tiger Woods finished second in the standings last year and it should be one of his goals to win it in the 2014 PGA Tour season.

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Stay No. 1 in the World

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Tiger Woods reclaimed the top spot in the world rankings this past year. Being ranked No. 1 may not guarantee majors, but it means you are the No. 1 golfer in the entire world. That is pretty cool if you ask me.

Woods needs to stay on top of the rankings in 2014.

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Kill All Notions of People Saying He is Not “Back”

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Tiger Woods is back. Some people are still saying otherwise, but the man won a number of tournaments last year and reclaimed the top spot in the word rankings. If he is not back, then I don’t know what he is.

Woods needs to quiet all of his doubters in the 2014 season, so they can stop saying that he is not back yet.

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Become the Most Feared Golfer In the PGA Once Again

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People use to fear playing in the same group as Tiger Woods. That definitely does not seem to be the case anymore. Woods needs to reclaim his dominant form once again, so other golfers fear the thought of being in the same group as him.

I am not sure what it would take for this to happen, but I am sure winning many tournaments and being one of the most clutch athletes once again would help.

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Win A Major

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This is definitely No. 1 on the list. Tiger Woods was supposed to shatter Jack Nicklaus’ record, but some people are saying that he will never win one again. Well, those people are wrong.

Woods needs to try and win a major this year. Winning more than one would be great, but he absolutely has to at least win one this season--if he plans on breaking Nicklaus’ record.