John Daly Adds To His Empire With Pizza Company

By Andrew Fisher
John Daly WD Greenbrier Classic
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Anybody who watches golf can tell you that John Daly is the man. No, he’s not ‘the man’ on the golf course, but he’s still the man in a theoretical sense. He drinks, he smokes and he doesn’t care what you think. He’s fully embraced his public perception and really just rolled with it for many years now. Even though he hasn’t won a PGA tournament since 2004, he’s still a draw. People come to see Daly because he’s an attraction.

Back a couple years ago, news emerged that Daly had finally broken into the alcoholic beverage business. Many folks had been drinking ‘John Daly’s’ for years, but it took the golfer awhile to capitalize on his name and to actually brand the beverages into his own line. For those that don’t know, a ‘John Daly’ is basically an alcoholic version of an ‘Arnold Palmer’ drink (tea/lemonade).

Now, Daly is once again venturing into the world of food and beverage with his own line of pizza. That’s right, there could be a new Papa John in town. Well, kind of.

John Daly Pizza

Daly’s line of pizza was unveiled at a recent PGA merchandise show in Orlando. The concept behind his pizza is that it will be sold on golf courses as an alternative to the normal foods you’ll see like hamburgers and hot dogs. At this time, there are no plans for Daly Pizza stores.

So there you have it, Daly is now an official businessman. It’s probably a good career move, considering that his days on the PGA have to be numbered.


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