Rory McIlroy Knocks Fan Into Cactus With Errant Shot, Chaos Ensues

By Andrew Fisher
Rory McIlroy
Brian Spurlock – USA TODAY Sports

Anyone who’s ever stepped on a golf course knows the feeling of an errant shot. You know, the ones where you have to hold your breath and hope like heck the ball doesn’t take out somebody’s window or cranium. Well, Rory McIlroy had that feeling on Wednesday during the opening round of the World Golf Championships in Arizona.

Check out this video posted on YouTube by the PGA. Their description is right on the money. “In the opening round of the World Golf Championships – Accenture Match Play Championship, Rory McIlroy struggles to punch out from the desert at the par-4 15th hole while a fan is attacked by a jumping cholla cactus.”

To say that the poor fan was ‘attacked’ by a cactus, would be putting it lightly. That guy got absolutely mauled by pieces of sharp cactus. You have to give him credit though, because he stayed pretty calm the entire time. Getting tiny needles pulled out of your body isn’t exactly the most pain-free thing in the world.

As for McIlroy, he went on to defeat Boo Weekley in match play. Golf is a game all about forgetting your last bad shot and moving on to the next shot, so for McIlroy, this incident probably wasn’t that big of a deal. He’s used to tons of pressure and making mistakes on the big stage. That’s just part of being a professional golfer and it’s why he makes the big bucks.


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