Tiger Woods' 3-6 Month Absence Will Open Door For New Star

By Andrew Fisher
Rory McIlroy
Getty Images

The main storyline in golf for awhile now has been Tiger Woods‘ pursuit of the all-time majors record. But more recently, the conversation has turned to whether or not Woods will even win another major. After all, it’s nearly been six years since he’s won one. But now with today’s news of Woods undergoing back surgery and the subsequent time he’ll spend on the shelf, the conversation has turned once again.

Now, it’s a question of whether Woods will even get back to 90 percent of his old self following this disc procedure. Forget winning majors — can this guy even get back to playing top-notch golf?

For now, those questions will be tabled while Tiger rehabs over the next three to six months.

To me, for the sport of golf, the big question now becomes who’s next? Who’s going to take the absence of Tiger Woods and turn it into a coming out party for themselves? Because let’s face it, that’s what the sport desperately needs.

Woods is proving right now that his days at the top are numbered. He’s 38 and his body is starting to show the effects of playing golf over a lifetime.

So who will it be? Who will step up, maybe even at next weekend’s Masters, and make a name for themselves? Or which current golfer will elevate his game to a new level during Woods’ absence?

The top candidate is definitely Rory McIlroy.

He’s just 24-years of age and he’s already won two of the four majors, but after winning PGA Player of the year in 2012, but he came back to Earth in 2013. The powers that be are no doubt hoping like heck that he’ll get back on track to the top in 2014.

The time is now for the next big golf star to emerge. The stage is set with the top dog out. If McIlroy wins his third overall major and first Masters next weekend, it could very well prove to be the launching point of his run to the top.

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