Will Ferrell Analyzes the 2014 Masters in Hilarious Video

By Andrew Fisher
Will Ferrell
Getty Images

It’s no secret that Will Ferrell is a huge sports fans. He’s often seen on the sidelines of USC football games and he’s recently shown his support for the Seattle Seahawks. But until now, I had no idea he was a golf fan.

Check out this video where Ferrell breaks down the 2014 Masters, in a way that only he can:

As per usual, the actor/comedian was all over the map with his assessment. But most importantly, he wasn’t serious for a minute of it.

My favorite part was no doubt when he called Rory McIlroy four feet tall. Good stuff…

As for the actual tournament, fans are counting down the days. It’s unfortunate for the event and for the sport that Tiger Woods won’t be partaking, but after appearing at the event every year since 1995, it was inevitable that he’d miss a Masters at some point in his career.

Tiger’s absence has now opened the door for someone else to steal the spotlight. Will it be McIlroy winning his first Masters and third overall major? Will it be Phil Mickelson further establishing his legacy with his fourth Masters title?

The sport of golf desperately needs someone else to make a splash next weekend. People are going to watch the Masters even though Tiger isn’t playing. It’s the weeks and tournaments thereafter, which should have PGA officials concerned. The game is better with Tiger in it, but it’s time for a new golfer to emerge and become a world-wide star.

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