John Daly Consumes Massive Amounts of Diet Coke Every Day

By Andrew Fisher
John Daly
Allan Henry – USA TODAY Sports

Even though he’s now six years sober, it appears that John Daly still has a drinking problem.

No, not the kind Robert Hays had in the comedy classic Airplane!:

Even though Daly kicked the sauce to the curb many years ago, he still has a beverage vice. That vice would be Diet Coke.

We all know that soda isn’t the healthiest drink choice, but there’s nothing wrong with having one every now and then. But when it comes to Daly and his Diet Coke habit, ‘one every now and then’ doesn’t even begin to describe it.

According to a recent interview conducted by Ewan Murry, the golfer drinks 10-12 Diet Cokes per day. It’s an amount of diet beverage that would make even the most hardcore DC drinker proud.

But here’s the crazy thing — Daly has cut back from 28 Diet Cokes per day. 28!

“I still drink that but not nearly as much as I used to. The band won’t allow me to drink as many. If I don’t have ice, I can’t drink it. I can’t have it straight because of the carbonation. I have to drink it slowly and not out of a can, I need some ice. I used to have 26-28 cans a day. Now I have 10-12 at the most,” said Daly.

As for his other notorious habit, smoking cigarettes, the long ball master says that he still puts down about 40 per day (roughly two packs).

So while it’s great that Daly is off the sauce, I doubt his doctors are pleased with his new drinking habit and his lingering habit of smoking like a chimney.

One thing at a time, I guess…

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