Did One Hole Put Jason Dufner Out Of The 2014 Masters?

By Michael Peckerar
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When it comes to The Masters, it’s a matter of moments. Can you win the moment when it matters the most?

While the 13th hole on day one may not exactly be the clutch moment that legends are made of, it could have sank Jason Dufner‘s plans for the weekend — as he turned in a horrific quadruple bogey. What makes it even worse is that he began to fall apart as he was in position to walk away with a respectable score.

Dufner placed his approach shot just off the fringe and outside of the nearby bunker. In this situation, it’s not a difficult task to gently place the ball within a reasonable distance from the hole. In a moment likely to be replayed in Dufner’s nightmares, he apparently caught more of the ball than he’d planned on, as it rolled clear past the hole, and into the dreaded hazard just off the green.

It gets worse. So much worse.

In his attempt to chip out after his drop, Dufner came up short of the green and watched powerlessly as the ball rolled right back into the same hazard. All totaled, he walked away from a par-5 with a lovely score of nine. This was a pretty large part of the 80 he turned in for the round.

Does it mean Dufner is all done? Hardly. This is The Masters and a lot of things happen. Too often do we watch a player have a terrible first round, and count him out on those grounds. While coming back from an 80 on Thursday to remain in contention is a hefty calling, it’s not outside the realm of possibility. There’s only one problem though.

Dufner was never really in the running to begin with.

Sure he has a PGA Championship to speak of, but in all honesty there was no way Dufner was even a possibility to be a threat to anyone in the Masters. He’s a magnificent golfer, but so are guys like Rory McILroy and Adam Scott. Should Dufner blame a rotten tournament on his implosion on 13, he’d be lying to himself. It is his calibre of play that is below the rest of the field that will cause him to miss a cut, not the oddity of a quadruple bogey on one hole.

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