Man Bets $1,600 On Rory McIlroy At 2014 Masters After Seeing His Face In Danish

By Andrew Fisher
Rory McIlroy
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

People have been seeing images in food items for years. It’s usually a religious figure and the person who sees it, more than likely tries to sell the food item online to some other poor soul.

But coming into the 2014 Masters, one guy saw an image that he just couldn’t ignore. It was Rory McIlroy‘s face in his danish:

Rob Price, a college lecturer, is the man who placed the bet. Here’s his rationale:

“It’s got to be a sign – Rory’s face on a piece of food from his girlfriend’s home country. My mates have had a giggle and think I’m mad, but if I pocket €14,400, I’ll be the one laughing.”

He’s right on both items. Yes, people think he’s crazy. Yes, he’ll be the one laughing he if takes home $20,000.

In Price’s defense, he did say he was going to bet $150 on McIlroy anyway, but the pastry apparently upped the ante.

As of the writing of this article, McIroy is tied for 11th with a score of (-1). The 24-year old is seeking his first Masters title and third overall major win.

With Tiger Woods on the shelf after back surgery, the time sure seems right for McIlroy to emerge as the next big thing in golf. If he can pull out a win this weekend at Augusta, he’ll no doubt be the hottest name in the sport.


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