Pablo Larrazabal Highlights Malaysian Open by Jumping Into Water to Escape Hornet Attack

By RanterX

You probably haven’t been paying much attention to the Malaysian Open, the golf tournament that directly follows the Masters, but it’s worth a little of your attention now that it has provided one of the funniest videos in the sport this year. On hole No. 14, the fifth of his round on Friday, Pablo Larrazabal was forced to dive into the nearby water hazard to avoid an attack by roughly “30 or 40” hornets. While that is very cartoonish-funny in itself, it was what happened directly afterward that really turned heads at Kuala Lumpur Country Club.

After jumping into the water fully-clothed, Larrazabal got out and had to receive treatment on the stings he suffered before making it into the water. After all of the excitement subsided, Larrazabal birded the hole on his way to a second-round, four-under 68, which put him at two under par for the tournament and ensures he will make the cut after tying for 25th on the leaderboard heading into the weekend.

First of all, big kudos to the guy for realizing he just needed to pull a Tom and Jerry and get into the water to escape the hornets, which he said were “three times the size of bees”. They do look rather large in the video and we’ll give Larrazabal the benefit of the doubt on their actual size since he’s the one who suffered the injuries and still completed a stellar round.

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