Ricky Reilly Praises Phil Mickelson's Tipping Habits, Bashes Tiger Woods'

By RantSports Staff
Phil Mickelson
Jack Gruber-USA TODAY

When it comes to rich people and tipping, you’d think it would be a no-brainer. Rich people have extra money, therefore they should spread it around a little bit when they’re out receiving services. But as we all know, it doesn’t always happen that way.

You may remember Charles Barkley throwing Michael Jordan under the bus a couple months back during an appearance on Conan. Barkley said Jordan is a horrible tipper and that he doesn’t even consider giving money to homeless people.

Well, the beans continued to be spilled on a more recent episode of Conan featuring Rick Reilly. The long-time sports writer has covered some of the greats during his days in journalism, including Tiger Woods.

Apparently, Woods is in the MJ class of tipping:

So there you have it, another ultra-rich athlete, and another horrible tipper. 

I get it, tipping is not for everyone. But being a tight-wadded millionaire just doesn’t add up. People should earn their money, no matter who they are. But a nice tip can go along way towards making someone’s day. It’s called paying it forward, something that Phil Mickelson obviously subscribes to.

If Woods doesn’t subscribe to that theory, fine. But now with this story out in the open his reputation has possibly taken another hit. He’s already known as a womanizer and a poor sport, and now he might be known as a tight wad. Maybe he could care less? When you’re made of money you can do that sort of thing.



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