Tiger Woods Reportedly Paid Big Money To A-Rod's Former Doc; More To Story?

By RantSports Staff
Tiger Woods
Kevin Liles – USA TODAY Sports

Tiger Woods hasn’t won a Major in over six years. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. The last time he won a Major was at the 2008 US Open, and he basically did it on one leg. Woods had to undergo knee surgery shortly thereafter, and wasn’t the same for quite some time.

People forget that following knee surgery, Woods was linked to PEDs. This was because he paid visits to a doctor with major steroid connections — Dr. Anthony Galea. He’s of course the same doctor who’s been used by proven PED-user, Alex Rodriguez.

According to the new book Blood Sport: Alex Rodriguez, Biogenesis and the Quest to End Baseball’s Steroid Era, Woods paid Galea about $76,000 for 14 visits.

This new ‘revelation’ is once again leading people to believe that Woods used PEDs to recover from his knee operation.

While it’s understandable that some want to connect the dots, Galea and Woods’ former swing coach Hank Hanley have both come out and said that the treatments Woods received were of a legal nature. The iconic golfer supposedly received platelet-rich plasma therapy, a la Kobe Bryant’s knee procedures in Germany.

It’s hard to understand why the amount of money paid for doctor visits would change this story that’s been basically dead for a couple of years. PRPT is not cheap. Being connected to A-Rod in any way is not a good thing, but it’s unfair to call Woods a steroid user solely based on his decision to visit a certain doctor.

Until more evidence comes forward, Tiger has no business being linked to cheats like A-Roid.

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