Tiger Woods Not Ruled Out of PGA Championship Yet, But Should Avoid Playing

By Trevor Lowry
Tiger Woods
Ian Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

Tiger Woods withdrew from yet another tournament this past weekend. Although he walked off the golf course and seemed to be in pain, there is a chance that he still plays at the 2014 PGA Championship. Being healthy enough to play or not, Woods should avoid playing this weekend.

According to ESPN.com, Woods’ agent said Tiger is not ruled out of the last major of the year yet.

That is great news considering it would mean Tiger’s injury wasn’t as bad as many people probably thought it would be, but why not just call it a season, rest for a good amount of time and then eventually start working on his game again?

Woods is stuck on 14 majors and he is not going to get to 15 being injured all of the time. Sure, we all love (most of us at least) seeing Tiger out there playing golf, but when he withdraws tournament after tournament, it gets a little old.

“Tiger Woods is back!” That is something many fans have probably heard way too many times. Although the ring of it does sound nice and the golf world thrives when Tiger is playing in tournaments, it is overplayed.

This time around, Woods should take some time off — injured back or not — and then make his real return when he is at 100 percent.

Even if Tiger is 80-90 percent healthy, why risk it? He isn’t getting any younger and it’s not like he is on top of his game. Heck, he isn’t even close to being on top of his game. That tends to happen when a golfer is not able to work on his swing every single day for at least a year straight. Injuries have pretty much killed that for Tiger.

Tiger still may be able to play, but he should think about sitting this one out. Health is key for the 38-year-old Tiger.

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