Tiger Woods’ Obsession With Winning His 15th Major Shows in 2014 PGA Championship

By Trevor Lowry
Tiger Woods PGA Championship
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Usually when a person has back surgery, that said person tends to take some time off. That said person usually doesn’t try to rush things, get back on the golf course — without an adequate amount of practice — and then enter a tournament before being fully healthy.

Just in case you were wondering, that said person I speak of is Tiger Woods, the man stuck on 14 majors.

Tiger is currently playing in the 2014 PGA Championship, and his obsession with winning his 15th major is shining oh-so-very-bright by that move.

“I feel good,” said Woods, according to usatodaysports.com, who flew to the Bluegrass State from South Florida on Wednesday morning. “Once the bone was put back in, it’s all good. The inflammation has been down, I’ve had range of motion. As you saw out there, I got my speed, my power.”

We can only take Tiger’s word for what it is, his word. Many fans are probably thrilled by the news of Tiger giving it a go in the last major of the year. As they should be. It means Tiger has the opportunity to win another major. It means we could see Tiger more this year — hasn’t qualified for FedEX Cup yet. It means he could play in the Ryder Cup.

All I know is if my doctor told me my bone popped out of place — in my back of all places — and it could possibly happen again, the last thing I would want to do is get back on the course. Opening the fridge the wrong way would scare me.

Tiger will argue that he has come back from injuries before and won. And he has. He managed to do that at the 2008 U.S. Open. The only problem is that was the last time he won a major.

This may signify a very determined man, but it also may signify a man who is a little too obsessed with winning his next major.

I want Woods to break Jack Nicklaus’ majors record just as much as the next fan, but not if it means him risking his health. If Tiger was on top of his game, then whatever. Let the man go out and try to capture that darn major.

Six years is a long time. Six years since Tiger’s last major seems like a lifetime ago.

Tiger’s love of the game and willingness to win has never been put in question. Until now. He still wants to win, there is no doubt about that. But let’s step back, take a look and do some analyzing.

The man is clearly not healthy if he hurt his back a few months after having, you guessed it, back surgery. He hasn’t been playing that much, so you can say Tiger is a bit rusty. There is also a player named Rory McIlroy, who is better than Woods right now, and could win his third straight tournament this weekend. Heck, Sergio Garcia, a man Tiger has dominated for years, is better than Tiger right now.

The odds are not in Tiger’s favor, and that is never an easy thing to say. But at this point, it is the correct thing to say.

Who am I to question Tiger Woods, though? I haven’t won 14 majors. I haven’t even won one major. Heck, I haven’t even won one tournament… at any level, let alone the PGA. I did take a JV match when I was in high school, though, not to toot my own horn.

Hopefully Tiger has the storybook finish by winning the 2014 PGA Championship and is 100 percent healthy. Something tells me that he isn’t going to be holding up the trophy on Sunday, though. He does look healthy through his first round, so we will give him that.

May the odds be ever in your favor, Tiger Woods.

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