Tiger Woods Removing Himself From Ryder Cup Could Be Smartest Decision of His Career

By RantSports Staff
Tiger Woods Ryder Cup
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Watson was put in an awkward situation when it came to his decision on choosing Tiger Woods for the Ryder Cup team. Luckily, that decision has been made for him.

According to Tiger’s website, he has removed himself from the Ryder Cup. Not only was this the right decision by Woods, but it could end up being the smartest decision of his career.

Let’s face the facts: Tiger is no longer the most dominant golfer in the world. He is nowhere near being the player he used to be. It doesn’t help that Rory McIlroy has emerged in a big way either.

Forget the fact that Tiger probably wouldn’t have even competed at the Ryder Cup — played horrible at the PGA Championship this past weekend — he clearly is not 100 percent healthy.

If the former No. 1 golfer in the world plans on playing this game much longer, he will take this time to rest up. Once he is finally healthy, he has more than enough time to practice his swing and get his game to where he wants it to be. Tiger did not qualify for the FedEx Cup, so his season is now officially over.

Woods has so much determination and that was evident by him giving it a go at the last major of the year. His determination could have led to him hurting his back even more, which could have possibly resulted in a career-ending injury. You never know, Tiger is already 38 years old.

He wants to break Jack Nicklaus‘ record — stuck at 14. He will never get to 15 if he keeps entering majors before he is 100 percent healthy. Tiger is now going to get the much-needed break he deserves, and we could see him finally hoisting a trophy at another major in 2015 as a result.

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