Tiger Woods Makes Fun of Himself on Tonight Show

By RantSports Staff

Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy dropped by the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday to promote a new line of Nike golf clubs. As part of their segment, Fallon took on McIlroy in a game of Facebreakers. Woods was unable to participate because of his bad back, but he still made the show better by taking a few shots at himself.

When Fallon asked McIlroy about the nighttime finish at the PGA Championship, Rory admitted that it was indeed really dark. Woods then chimed in that it looked plenty bright from his couch at home. He also alluded to his poor play as of late on a couple of occasions, and although he was joking around, you could tell he was frustrated.

Woods and Fallon also had a good amount of humorous back-and-forth throughout the segment, with Jimmy razzing Tiger about the time he beat him at his video game.

Here’s the Facebreakers segment, which features some pretty good shots from both competitors:

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