Tampa Bay Rays Top Ten Prospects for 2010

By Living Baseball

1) Wade Davis-SP

Outstanding stuff. Power stuff. Strike out stuff. Here’s a guy that could definitely be the ace of a real good rotation- it’s all about command and harnessing what he has at this point. He should be in the rotation full time come June 2010. The reason I say that is- Tampa might want to limit his innings a little bit.

2) Desmond Jennings-OF

Lightning fast. The next Carl Crawford? CC is probably going to leave after 2010 if he’s not traded before then so Jennings will be the future. He’s a lead off type guy that will do everything he can to get on first. Juan Pierre is probably his best comparison.

3) Matthew Moore- SP

Another power arm. He’s being brought along like he’s going to be the 1 or the 2 in Tampa and why not? Most scouts compare him to Wade Davis as he’s just as dirty with the same downfall. Command. If him and Davis figure it out- Shields, Price, Davis, and Moore are going to be as good as any 4 in baseball.

4) Tim Beckham-SS

Still probably a year away from being a full time guy- but Elvis Andrus forced the Rangers hand with a good spring training. If Beckham does the same thing- why couldn’t he be the short stop next year? Maybe the second basemen. Beckham was the first overall pick a few years ago and he’s got good wheels and a bat with surprising pop for his frame. This might be the best top 4 in terms of prospects in all of baseball.

5) Jake McGee- RP

A tommy john survivor. Gotta love those. I don’t think he’s got the secondary stuff to be in the rotation full time. Throw in a ton of other starting pitching prospects, I think the best move here is to turn Jake into a closer or late inning guy. He’s got a mid to upper 90’s fastball so if he can develop a slider or a splitty- he could be real real effective.

6) Jeremy Hellickson- SP

More of a control guy- but he throws nothing but strikes. He had something like a 60-3 K to BB ratio last year which is video game like. In terms of stuff- I don’t think he’ll be able to get away with being around the plate THAT much, but he could definitely be a 3 or a 4 in the next couple years. He’s got upside and it’s tough to teach that kind of control with 4 pitches.

7) Nick Barnese- SP

Alot like Hellickson without the K stuff. Pitches to contact and won’t be anything more than a mid to back end starter at best.

8) Reid Brignac- SS

I don’t think he’ll be a SS with Beckham waiting in the wings. He won’t be a third basemen with Longoria there. So I see him as a 2B or a 1B. He’s solid in basically everything with nothing that shouts all star- but none the less…those “solid” players alot of the time turn into all stars. Big year for Brignac to push his way to Tampa

9) Jeff Malm- 1B

Power hitter in the making. He was as polished as they came in the 2009 draft and hit more home runs in high school than Bryce Harper. Enough said.

10) Alexander Colome-SP

A hard throwing left hander (93-98) with a sharp 10/4 slurve. Command is the name again here and with several guys already ahead of him on the depth chart in terms of where they fit in the organization- Colome has to be that much better to jump over guys like Barnese and Hellickson.

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