Are Scott Boras and Money Ruining Baseball?

By Living Baseball

Ah Scott Boras. The sports agent fans love to hate. Personally I don’t really understand why. Scott Boras is a sports agent, and his job is to get his clients the most money and the best deals he can so why the outcry? Well, I tend to believe Boras is hated because he makes the players look unbelievably selfish and greedy for holding out for more money when they already make multi millions. First of all- that’s somewhat of a myth. Second of all- I’m going to have to repeat my original statement. Scott Boras is a sports agent. His job is to get his clients the most money he possibly can. If he wasn’t doing his job, so many players wouldn’t want his services. This offseason alone, Boras clients are starting to go more and more un noticed because Boras demands more money. Prime example- Johnny Damon. Supposedly Damon wanted to sign a Yankee contract for less money but Boras talked him out of it. Really? Who believes that? Why? The agent works for the player, not vice versa. If Damon truly 100% was committed to signing a deal with the Yanks for less money- he would have. He would have told Boras that he wanted to finish his career as a Yankee and that would have been the end of it. Boras recommended that Damon might be able to find a multi year deal if he waits long enough- and it was DAMON who listened because HE was more interested in the numbers of the contract. So I have a hard time throwing Boras under the bus with this one.

Boras represents some of the best players in baseball today and some of the best players in the HISTORY of baseball. I’ll start with Arod and Mannywood.

Arod is arguably one of the top 3 hitters of this era, and you can throw his name into the likes of Gehrig, Ruth, Mays, Williams, Stan the Man, Cobb. In this day and age, the OWNERS are the ones giving out gobs and gobs of money as if it’s no big deal. Why is the player the one being chastised in the media for being greedy. If the owners are the ones throwing dough in the face? If an owner gives someone like Todd Helton 120 million, who isn’t half as good as ARod, why should Arod settle for what’s less than HIS market value? People can be upset with Boras for getting Arod TWO 250 plus million dollar deals, but if people are going to be upset, why not get upset with the owners who are willing to pay someone that much to make their team, their business, better? Scott Boras isn’t ruining baseball. The players aren’t ruining baseball. I would argue Owners aren’t even ruining the game of baseball because I don’t have a problem with anything that’s going in within the business side of the game. Could it be- that fans are the ones ruining baseball to a certain extent? Holding these players up to standards that are impossible for a game of failure? That potentially there’s some jealousy going on that players are financially secure after their 25th birthday to play a kids game? That maybe, some take it way to seriously? Or could it be that maybe that there’s nothing wrong with the game at all? That all things evolve over time to something different? I would probably go with that one personally, but I think it’s time for fans to get with the program and stop assessing blame to people that don’t really deserve it. After all, they’re just trying to be like you and me…they try and do their jobs to the best of their ability.

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