Starlin Castro to start season in minors; It's for the best

By dannysisto

I’m not one to knock on those getting excited about baseball. I obviously greatly enjoy the sport, and almost everything about it.

Yet there is a difference between enthusiasm and being over-anxious.

Some Cubs fans are seemingly buying into the incredibly hype on Castro. Much of it is actually deserved; Many notable and big-name scouts are saying he is the definition of a “can’t miss prospect”. Personally, I’m extremely excited to see what Starlin is capable of over the next 3 years and beyond. His inherent talent is unmatched by almost everyone his age, and his ceiling as a Major Leaguer is, well, in the superstar stratosphere.
And unless incumbent starting shortstop Ryan Theriot gets hurt before the season opening, Castro will be nestled nestled as the starting shortstop on the Cubs triple-A club. Cubs skipper Lou Piniella has eluded to this fact in a recent interview.

Castro needs to work on his patience and power still, which one more season in the minors will help refine. His defensive game may be ready for the big league, but his offensive game needs to come together in a few fundamental areas.

Ryan Theriot is a serviceable 30-year-old shortstop. He gets way too much appreciation from the average Cub fan, but I digress. If and when Castro is ready and producing, Theriot becomes all but expendable. Ryan’s offensive game would be bottom of the barrel at second base, plainly unacceptable. Basically, if and when he is forced to move from shortstop, I would like to see him moved to the bench or traded.

As of 2010, I believe Theriot has worth as the starting in the Majors, while there are also many more positives to Castro spending one more year in the minors than there are negatives. He has some work to do yet to become the potential elite shortstop the Cubs have been waiting for since Banks graced Chicago with his play.

It’s been 101 years guys, what’s one more year of seasoning on a stud prospect?

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