Twins Re-Sign Span

By rickmell

The Minnesota Twins re-signed center fielder Denard Span to a five- year extension worth 16.5 million on Saturday.

Span put up a line of .311/.392/.415, which was good for a .359 wOBA and a 3.9 WAR. He is one of the premier leadoff men in baseball and the Twins got him signed to a reasonable contract. He should be an upgrade over Carlos Gomez in center field even though he is not quite the defensive player in center that Gomez was. He will make up the difference in defense with his bat. Him moving to center allows Ron Gardenhire the option to put Jason Kubel in left, which would be an improvement over Delmon Young.

If the Twins are able to re-sign catcher Joe Mauer to go along with Justin Morneau and Span they could have a good core offensively and that should make them contenders in the AL Central for the next few years.

I think it’s about time the Minnesota Twins have started re-signing their own players. They have let a lot of players walk in the past and it’s good for the Twins and their fans that the team is starting to spend money to keep their own players. It’s also a smart move because it locks Span up through 2014 without the risk of going to arbitration.

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