Rangers look to fill utility role with addition of Blanco

By dannysisto

Andres Blanco’s skill-set isn’t very unique, but he fits into a nice role in Texas. He will be a reserve off the Ranger’s bench in 2010, if his health permits.

Blanco has spent his Major league career with the Royals and Cubs until just recently being traded from Chicago for a player to be named later or cash.

Simply put, Blanco should never be allowed to pick up a bat with his newfound team. His value is purely seated on the defensive-side of the game. He has well above average range and a powerful throwing arm; He simply has the ability to play second base, shortstop or third base with quality results.

The 26-year-old has very limited upside, and absolutely zero value in the fantasy baseball community. As the utility infielder for the Rangers, he stands to receive possibly 150-250 plate appearances. When you consider he has almost no contact or power skills and a lack of patience at the plate, well, let’s just say he’s a non-factor.

Rangers fan’s can watch and enjoy his sure-handed play in the field, but there is nothing that special about the young infielder.

Other contenders for the Ranger’s utility infielder role would be second basemen Esteban German and Joaquin Arias. Neither of the two are acceptable defensively anywhere outside of second, and that poses some versatility issues for the team. This is where Blanco alleviates this dilemma.

Say what you will about Blanco, but he has a small, established niche as a Pro player, and Texas stands to improve their bench with this addition.

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