Kotsay at DH and 5th spot; Logic is lacking

By dannysisto

It’s been said all offseason tha Kotsay would hold down part-time duties as the White Sox designated hitter, so this is hardly new. It was just jarring to watch the Sox opening day, and to actually see such an awful offensive player holding down a position where all one does is hit. I mean, I think even the slightest of baseball fans could understand the ignorance of the concept.

To top off the apparent idiocy of having a “no-hit” player as the designated freaking hitter, the Sox opening day lineup had him pegged in the 5th spot of the lineup. Yikes, to say the least. That is a very “Pirates-y” move, and less a decision of a team that has realistic playoff hopes.

As if to quickly show his incompetence in the role, Kotsay came up in the opening day game with the bases loaded, twice.

He promptly grounded out in both chances. Quite the heroic effort…
I am most certainly the last person to judge much of anything off a single game, let alone a month of play, but simply look at what Kotsay has done since 2004.

The 34-year-old has always been known as a defense-first kinda guy, with a few random above average offensive years spread throughout. Although he was a serviceable enough offensive guy in his early years, Kotsay has been ten different shades of awful since 2006.

In the past 3 years, Mark has hit .260 with a .316 On-base percentage. This sub-par contact and patience is also coming from a guy with anemic power with sub-par speed and base-running skills.

His situation seems blatantly awful to me. He owns a pitiful .687 OPS since 2007.
Mark Kotsay is a fringe-bench player and possible defensive replacement. To put him in a role where he could start 75% of the time at DH?

Is that Ozzie-ball? More like Kamikaze-ball, as Kotsay’s awful production should put a hurting on his team.
I don’t expect him to retain this role long, just like I laughed off Guillen’s plan to start DeWayne Wise everyday in center field and lead-off with him. Yes, Ozzie planned on leading off with a 31-year-old bench player with a career .255 ON-BASE-PERCENTAGE! I kidd you not.

This designated hitter situation is on a similar level of stupid, and should be alleviated as soon as possible if the Sox want to field a playoff-caliber team.

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