Vernon Wells - Three Games, Four Dingers

By Joe Paulus

Well wouldn’t you know it, Vernon Wells may finally be paying off some of that huge contract. Wells has hit four home-runs and seven RBI’s in three games for Toronto already this season. He only hit 15 home-runs and 66 RBI’s last season and is on pace to absolutely crush that number this year. The Jays lost a tough game to Texas 4-5 in their opener, but won the following two games to start the year off at 2-1. Vernon Wells looks poised and ready to make an impact this year in order to prove his worth (both in Toronto and any future club).

There is a serious difference in pitching between the five teams in the American League East, but every team on the division has power bats mixed with speed. Some just decide to come out of their shells at the wrong time. Without Roy Halladay this season, the Jays are seriously damaged on the pitching front. If the offense can pick it up and create some great production, this team could win 80+ games. That’s not saying a ton, but when you are in the rebuilding stages with a few people who are owed a lot of money, you appreciate the little victories where you can take them. Just look at the Rays from two years ago.

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