Tejada Hitting Everything (Including Jeff Niemann)

By Joe Paulus

Miguel Tejada went 3-5 with four RBI’s and a home-run in the loss last night to the Toronto Blue Jays. Following a great season last year, Tejada is still looking to be productive with his new team. Mike Gonzales blew his second save of the season in three attempts for the Orioles.

That’s not the only thing he’s hitting. Against the Rays Tejada laced a line drive right off of the shoulder of Jeff Niemann forcing him to leave the game. The Rays had to put in relief pitching for eight innings, although it didn’t seem to make a difference in the game against New York Last night. He ended up with a bruised shoulder and it seems he may not miss a start.

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Tejada is literally hitting everything, even the opposing pitchers. Go to Vegas and place your bets. The power numbers seem to be diminishing, but he’s still getting on base and filling the holes that his teams have been needing.

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