Teixeira's Slow Start - Yanks Not Worried

By Joe Paulus

Mark Teixeira has consistently not been a very good hitter in April. In the first month of the regular season Teixeira is a .249 hitter and is very close to .300 the rest of the months combined. This season Teixeira has only 3 hits to date.

The Yankees aren’t worried however, the same thing happened last season in the first year of his giant contract. He went on to hit 122 RBI’s and 39 home-runs which tied him for the league lead. He even managed to get a few MVP votes.

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Teixeira had this to say:

“I’ve been in this position a lot.” “I don’t want to start changing too much, because whatever struggles come early on, it turns around and turns around really well. I’m going to stick with my plan.”

Some might say that it has something to do with the fact that he switch hits for power and may not have the early season agility or power built up at this point. Teixeira said that his fundamentals are not off and will not be tweaked. The hits will eventually come.

If things shape up any way that they did last year, or any other year in his career for that matter, Teixeira is in no trouble at all…and neither are the Yankees.

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