Whats up with Carlos Lee?

By Patrick Erickson

The question must certainly be asked what is going on with the Houston Astros cleanup man.

In today’s 7-2 loss to the Cubs he did break a career worst 0-18 slump with a single. But that still leaves him hitting just .103, 4-39 this season.

Lee also has zero RBI’s, no extra-base hits, and only 1 walk. His OPS is a number that is worse than almost every batting average for a starting position player last season.

So what is up with the $100 million dollar outfielder? More than one person has remarked that Carlos looks in better shape in years past and he indeed does look to be a bit leaner.

Missing Lance Berkman never helps, but its no excuse for such atrocious numbers. The way the Astros look Lee could have been a candidate to trade to a contender at the deadline, with the value that he still has 2 more yearsr after this, and perhaps could have fetched a good package of prospects.

He’ll have to prove he can still hit first.

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