Brewers Pitching?

By Patrick Erickson

The experts were right, the Milwaukee Brewers pitching is the problem. But on a scale like this, we may not have guessed.

The bullpen has been okay. Sure Trevor Hoffman and LaTroy Hawkins have been rocked, but Carlos Villanueva and Manny Para have been brilliant and Todd Coffey very good.

But the rotation is a whole other story. Dave Bush has been his normal, steady self, but you’d shudder if you were told he would be your best starter through the opening weeks.

Off-season signing Randy Wolf has allowed four runs in every start so far (only 2 total unearned). Yet he was given a standing ovation after leaving in the 7th having allowed “only” four runs. If this is a sign of how bad Brewers pitching is going to bem, its going be a long wait until football season for fans in Wisconsin.

Yovani Gallardo received a huge contract extension and rewarded management by getting shelled by the Cardinals.

Jeff Suppan was hit hard coming back from the DL.

Doug Davis is simply 0-1 with an 11.25 ERA.

If this team does not shape their pitching into something at least better than the Washington Nationals last year, look out. Not even Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder are capable of helping this rotation out.

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