Manny Leaves Game with Strained Calf

By mattgullette

Manny came out of tonight’s game in the sixth inning against the Cincinnati Reds after straining his calf running out a single.

On a positive note, it is good to see Manny Ramirez hustling.

But seriously, I hope it’s nothing that will keep him out for long. Manny’s been having problems with the same calf since sometime last week, so obviously it was something that flared up again. The Dodgers were leading 3-2 in the sixth when Manny hit a one-out single up the middle, but you could tell he slowed down as he got to to first base, and Joe Torre immediately took him out of the game.

The 12-time All-Star came into tonight leading the Dodgers with a red-hot .421 batting average. It’s been a landmark sort of year for the outfielder; he reached 1,800 RBIs Wednesday night, recorded his 2,500th career hit a week ago, and tied Hall-of-Famer Mike Schmidt for 14th on the all-time home-run list with 548 a few days ago.

The Manny-less Dodgers team lost another game on the road tonight to the reeling Cincinnati Reds, 5-9, who have won just two out of the last nine contests. The Dodgers failed to get above .500 again as the bullpen woes continue. The pen decided to serve up four more runs in the seventh inning, two of them coming from the recently-activated Ronalid Belisario.

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