Ellsbury Has Cracked Ribs, Daisuke in Sox Rotation

By Joe Paulus

Jacoby Ellsbury is elligible to exit the Disabled List on Tuesday, but he is still not sure if he will play. Still in pain, Ellsbury found out yesterday that he has hairline fractures in four of his ribs. All of this came from collision with outfielder Adrian Beltre’s knee.

Ellsbury had this to say:

“Yeah, I would say so, but you never know.” “I’m pretty optimistic. I’m never going to say no on anything. [It’s] just kind of what I told you before. I can’t really predict.”

In other Red Sox news, Dice-K has pushed Tim Wakefield out of the rotation as the fifth starter. Wakefield will go to the bullpen for the first time since 2004. Wakefield is 43 years old and struggling a bit to start the season.

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