Lohse Struggling

By Patrick Erickson

While the majority of the St. Louis Cardinals rotation has been lights out, the exception has been Kyle Lohse.

Chris Carpenter has the next highest ERA of 3.60. The team as a whole has a remarkable 2.72 mark.

Lohse sits at 7.31. He has not been the victim of bad breaks. In his last start against the Brewers he gave up hard hit after hard hit.

He says his stuff has been okay, his location is okay, so whats the deal?

His early-season walk totals would show that his location is not necessarily the best. 7 in 16 innings. From someone who walked 85 in his last 317.2 innings of work this is not acceptable.

Against Milwaukee he consistently fell behind in the count and was hit hard when forced the throw fastballs.

Lohse has made three starts, two poor, one good. The key to his success in his good start? Zero walks allowed.

It allowed the righty to throw a season-high seven innings allow just two runs.

Quite simply put, Lohse needs to find his location. Or he will be bumped to the 5th starter spot in favor of Jamie Garcia.

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