Swing and Miss

By Patrick Erickson

The Cardinal lineup has been inconsistent to say the least this season.

A big reason is the alarming climb in strikeouts. The team has gone down on strikes 146 times in 637 at-bats. The strikeout total ranks fifth-to-last in the league.

Players such as Yadier Molina and Albert Pujols are striking out at unprecedented rates.

While Molina’s 8 k’s in 62 at-bats is good, it is still an increase for a player who has been the toughest strikeout in the majors the past two seasons.

Pujols has gone down an alarming 14 times in his first 73 at-bats. Colby Rasmus?

17 in 51.

It is a trend that needs to end for the Cards. They need to put the ball in play to advance runners and put the pressure on the opposing pitching, something they were excellent at in years past.

Aside from a double play, nothing kills an inning more effectively than a strikeout.

And if the Cardinals keep swinging and missing at this rate it truly will be home run or bust in St. Louis.

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