Santana Shelled In Philly

By tedswedalla

The driving force behind the Mets 8 game win streak was the pitching. Apparently they decided to take the weekend off. Johan Santana was saddled with 10 earned runs in 3.2 innings and the Phillies put up a 9-spot in the 4th inning, then cruised to a 11-5 win.[picappgallerysingle id=”8684533″]
The Phillies won the series and moved into first place by taking the final two games of the series in chest-bumping fashion, hammering the best the Mets can throw. Emerging number 2 starter, Mike Pelfrey and Mets ace, Johan Santana were crushed by the Phillies, they gave up 16 runs in 7.2 innings, an ERA of 18.77. Those are spring training numbers.

After being limited to 1 run in the opener the Phillies put up 21 runs in two games against the Mets. The Phillies hit four home runs against Santana on Sunday. The early season dagger twist was provided by Shane Victorino. He hit a grand slam after Santana walked Jamie Moyer with the bases-loaded. Moyer -owner of a career batting average of .131-  has just 5 extra base hits (all doubles) in 25 years! Here’s an idea, pitch to him, and not to Victorino. Never pitch to anyone named the ‘Flyin Hawaiian’, pitch to the guy who’s 47.
Sunday wasn’t all bad news (as opposed to Saturday which sucked hard). The Mets were up 5-2 on a pair of homers, David Wright (a 3-run shot in the first, his fifth) and Rob Barajas (a two-run homer in the 4th, his sixth). Except for the Halladay game, the Mets offense was visible in Philadelphia. Wright seems to have waken up and Barajas, besides handling the staff well, is leading this team in homers and apparently loves the foul pole at Citizens Bank Park. His homer was the last time Mets fans felt good.[picappgallerysingle id=”8685125″]
Because the bottom of the fourth happened. Santana had a man on third with two outs and was still leading 5-2. Then the next 9 guys reached base, including a bases-loaded walk to a pitcher. [I will continue to harp on this until it stops.] Ugh. Pack up, throw out the half eaten cheesesteak and avoid the taunts of the Philly fans on your way out of the stadium. Get in your car and drive home.

The plane ride to Cincinnati is going to sound like the inside of a coffin, but the Mets need to forget about this weekend and show up against the Reds. The Mets hand the ball to John Maine on Monday, lets hope he has better luck than those who pitched this weekend.

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