Alfonso Soriano: Fantasy-viable once again?

By dannysisto

If you’re in Chicago, you know quite well of Soriano’s loud and floundering season in 2009. Some fans yelled that he was merely underperforming, although the logic of the matter was that Soriano dealt with lingering injury problems all year. It was a major outlier on his career of above average to very good offensive production. “Fonsie” is, as they say, getting up there in years. The 34-year-old has a lot of miles on those legs of his, but the talent in his body is still very intriguing.

Although he was slightly cold to behin the season, Alfonso has been beyond “red-hot” at the plate. Not only did he just belt 2 home-runs against the D-backs this last Sunday, but he has brought his batting average up to .325 accompanied with an astonishing 1.058 OPS in the young season.

Soriano has been a very consistent and smart base-stealer while on the Cubs, although in fewer numbers in his first 2 years on the team. He would be lucky to get much more than double-digit thefts in 2010, but can still add some value to his Cubs and to some fantasy-teams.

He’s quite likely not going to keep up his rate of home-runs and finish with 40, but he most certainly has the ability to get you 25-30 pretty safely, which is pretty cheap power. His average draft position this past season was a middling pick 137, on’s draft boards. Although he may not work his way to first-round value again, he could very likely give you 4th round production from a 13th round pick.
Take that, all you Fonsie-haters. I’m not a big fan of Smilin’ Sori, and I completely loathe his contract, but his production is paramount to the Cubs having ANY chance for the playoffs. His success at the plate could also be apart of many Fantasy Baseball teams championships, so value him in your leagues.

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