By ericschmidt

What are the Tampa Bay Rays waiting to see from Pat Burrell? In 2010, Burrell is batting .221. In 2009? Burrell hit .221. Are the Rays pulling a Buccaneers move and keeping Burrell because of the money?

The Buccaneers are supposedly going to keep WR, and I use the term receiver loosely, Michael Clayton because the front office paid Clayton way more than he was worth prior to the start of last season. So, as the Bucs are committed to building the team through the draft, the loser Clayton will be retaining a roster spot next year simply because he’s due some guaranteed money.

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So are the Rays taking pointers from the directionless Buccaneers? Does Burrell have incriminating photos of management? In now 490 AB’s for the Rays, he’s been pretty consistent with a .221 BA. In little league you wanted to at least bat for your weight, Burrell is listed at 235 pounds.

With a chance to give SP David Price a nice cushion going into the bottom of the first inning tonight, Burrell stepped up to the plate with runners on second and third and promptly struck out.

Meanwhile, Hank Blalock is down in AAA Durham hitting .366 with a OBP of .425. I thought that Blalock might motivate Burrell, but I don’t think a red hot poker in the ass would motivate this loser.

Come on Rays, get rid of this dead weight on the team, release him, trade him for a ball boy to be named later, I don’t care, just get freaking rid of this dead weight.

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