Tampa Bay Rays Fans Public Service Announcement

By ericschmidt

The Tampa Bay Rays concluded their 9 game West Coast road trip by finishing up 6-3 on the road with a 4-3 win tonight against the Los Angeles Angels. Tonight was the first time since May of 1999 that the Rays have won a 3 game series against the Angels.

While the Rays held on to win this game late with a variety of pitching changes, this game could have been put away early had one particular player delivered as he is being paid handsomely to do. I am now taking it upon myself to start an internet campaign to get the Rays to release DH Pat Burrell out right. I don’t even want him traded for a ball boy to be named later, just cut this bum loose.

For your convenience, I’ve included the phone numbers for the front offices of the Rays and AAA Durham. You can call the AAA Durham Bulls at 919-687-6500 and demand that Hank Blalock be brought up to the Rays roster immediately. Or, you can call the Rays front office at 727-825-3137 and demand the Rays sever all ties with the overpaid Pat Burrell. Burrell can find work cleaning windshields somewhere on Central Ave. in St. Pete.

Burrell tonight went 0-3 with 3 strikeouts and his BA is now .213 and has an OBP of .304. Yes, the 5 through 7 batters are slumping now for the Rays in the lineup, however Carlos Pena always goes through slumps. He’s batting .183 right now and by Friday could start a homerun streak of 10 longballs in 12 games. B.J. Upton, he gets a pass because of his defensive plays.

Burrell however gets no pass whatsoever. Blalock’s agent is making some noise, trying to force the Rays hand and they better take Blalock with the bottom of the order in disarray right now. Cut the losses and let Burrell go. Burrell couldn’t bat his weight in a softball game.

Once again, the Rays front office number is 727-825-3137. I want to see Burrell gone by no later than May 28th.

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