Ethier Fractures Bone in Right Pinkie

The Dodgers’ celebration of their sixth-straight victory was soured upon hearing the news that they’d be without slugger and triple-crown leader Andre Ethier, who missed last night’s game with an injured right pinkie.

I know what you’re thinking…it’s just a pinkie, and Ethier is a grown man, how long can this possibly keep him out of the line-up? Well, the truth is, we won’t know until later.

The report right now is that Ethier fractured a bone in his right pinkie while taking swings in the indoor batting cage when he pinched his right pinkie against his bat. He took a few more swings during batting practice before telling hitting coach Don Mattingly about the problem. Ethier also said the finger bothered him while he was playing catch.

Here’s a quote taken from Yahoo Sports:

“It’s a big thing,” Ethier said. “It could be a couple of days, it could be longer than that. I’m a little disappointed in the fact that it’s something this small.”

Unfortunately, the broken finger caused Ethier to miss today’s game against the Padres. According to team officials he’ll be examined by a hand specialist today. At the very least, Dodger blogger Eric Stephen says Ethier won’t be able to do the following in the immediate future (his words, not mine):

  • Swing a bat
  • Portray Dr. Evil
  • Give the “hang loose” sign
  • Do the classic Magic Johnson and A.C. Green handshake from the Showtime days
  • Properly drink tea

Tea or no tea, it’s no secret the impact that Ethier brings to the Dodger line-up. The left-hander leads the majors with a .392 batting average and 38 RBIs, and is currently tied for the NL lead with 11 homers.

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