Dodgers Sue Jon Lovitz for Season Tickets

By mattgullette

“Yeah! That’s the ticket!” Jon Lovitz SNL’s character Tommy Flanagan, the Pathological Liar, used to exclaim as he came up with his latest and greatest fabrication.

After reportedly refusing to pay for his Los Angeles Dodgers season tickets, Lovitz might need a better catch phrase to talk his way out of this predicament. Or maybe a better lie.

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According to a story from the Huffington Post (thanks Ian),the Dodgers are suing Lovitz and 100 others for allegedly failing to pay nearly $100,000 in season ticket holdings. The Delaware-based Dodger Tickets LLC filed the breach-of-contract lawsuit Monday in Los Angeles.

(Here’s a video of Jon Lovitz playing former Dodger coach Tommy Lasorda in a 1990 SNL sketch.)

The lawsuit claims Lovitz and the 100 other ticket holders entered into a written agreement in March of 2008 to buy three Dugout Club seats (VIP section) for all home games at Dodger Stadium in 2008, 2009 and 2010, which apparently they have not paid.

CBS News reports that along with Lovitz, the Dodgers are also suing producer/celebrity Steve Marlton (Rescue Dawn and Bottoms Up) for more than $300,000 in unpaid tickets for the 2010-2014 seasons.

The Dodgers canceled Lovitz’s season tickets for the remainder of the year, but are still actively seeking money owed by the actor, which sums up to about $95,400 for the tickets along with other unspecified damages in the lawsuit.

I don’t know what Lovitz’s financial situation looks like, but clearly the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club in Hollywood isn’t making enough money to pay for his Dodger Dogs.

I guess that’s not the ticket.

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