Time to Put Ramirez on the DL

By RantSports Staff
Chicago Cubs Ramirez watches his two run homerun against the Milwaukee Brewers during the fourth inning of their opening day MLB baseball game in Chicago.

Cubs third baseman Aramis Ramirez has arguably been one of the worst players in baseball up to this point. I think it’s getting to the point where they need to bench him or DL him.

Ramirez has had problems with his thumb recently so it could be a good time to get him rested. Him playing with an injury is not helping his production or the team. Thus far in the season he has a line of .162/.227/.269. The Cubs right now cannot afford that type of production at third base. Him and Lee have been automatic outs so far this season.

There is one thing about this whole thing that bothers me. The Cubs seem to think that Aramis at his worse is better than someone like Chad Tracy or Jeff Baker and that is not the case. Ramirez has a WAR of -1.2. This means he is replaceable at this point. Chad Tracy is hitting well at AAA and has shown in the past he’s a good player. He’s had some health problems in the past, but he appears to be healthy now. For the time being I would DL Ramirez and bring up Tracy and platoon him with Jeff Baker.

This situation is not ideal obviously, but the Cubs are costing the team runs by putting him out there if he’s hurt or this bad. This is similar to the situation with Soriano last year. They kept putting him out there when it was obvious he was not right and it ended up hurting the team.

As a Cubs fan I hope he’s just hurt like Soriano was last year. If he continues to be this bad it’s going to be a long year and a half for Cubs fans until his contract runs out.

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