Stanton Recalled

By Living Baseball

Super prospect Mike Stanton was recalled from Double A Jacksonville today by the Florida Marlins. This could signify an act of desperation as the Marlins have struggled lately- especially with driving in runs and Stanton could fit the bill for a run producer in the middle of the order. Stanton is real impressive in terms of the power department so it’ll be interesting to see what Fredi does with him in the order. What are the MLB odds going to be in terms of the over under 25 homers for Stanton this year?

Stanton has been one of baseball’s best prospects this year. He’s been known for his 500 foot monster homers in AA, and frankly it was about time they brought him up to dominate the way he did in the minors. He should be able to protect Hanley and be the hitter they need in the middle. Stanton was an outstanding football and basketball player in California and has only been playing serious baseball for a couple years. That makes this 20 year old one of the hottest commodities in recent memory in terms of hype, status, and power. Hopefully he’ll be able to show the world why he was named one of baseball’s brightest future stars.

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