If only the Jays could Play the Yankees Every Game!

By shallowk


[picappgallerysingle id=”8484935″]If the Blue Jays and Yankees were in a play-off series, Toronto would have won in 7.

That’s right, as a result of last night’s win, the Jays are up 4-3 in games against New York this season, but what’s even more impressive is the dominance shown by Toronto. In the seven game thus far, the Jays have outscored the Bronx Bombers by a whopping score of 32-19 in those games (including yesterday’s 6-1 win).

Getting the win was a big relief for Toronto, but what may be more important than snapping a miserable 5 game losing streak and climbing back above the .500 mark is the positive atmosphere that a win creates in the clubhouse.

A clubhouse that needs as much positive energy as they can get, especially after discovering that their Ace – Shawn Marcum – was placed on the disabled list with inflammation in his right elbow.

The loss of Marcum will make the road ahead much more difficult, and looking forward Toronto will need to continue to pitch as effectively as they have (in recent days) and then hope that their stagnant bats have finally awoken.

It is safe to say that very few teams have a potent enough offense or a superior pitching staff to counteract any other team failings, and the Jays don’t have superior strength on either side of the ball. So, if their bats fail or their pitching fails, the team fails.

Yes it was a nice story that Toronto flew out of the gates to start the season, however, because of their youth, the main focus of the Blue Jays should be to develop their abilities against major league talent, as well as learn how to win together.

If the young Jays don’t take the development process seriously, then the losses will continue to pile on each and every year.

If the Jays do take the development process seriously, then the losses will cease and the Blue Jays won’t have to rely on playing the Yankees every game.

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