The Obligatory All Star Snub Rant

By tylernorton

I would like to establish now that I am not merely a Red Sox fan, but a baseball fan. Of course I thought Youk deserved to be in first shot, and I think Beltre should have started, but there is one all star snub that 100% proves that we must take this out of the hands of the fans.

WARNING: You are about to find out why this site is called “Rant Sports”Joey Votto should be starting for the NL. Over Pujols. This is not (well, it is actually, but it shouldn’t be since players get financial bonuses based on it) a popularity contest. It is an honor and a measure of who the best players in the game are during a given season.

This year, Joey Votto is undeniably one of the best first basemen in baseball. There are four who stand way out above the rest and are pretty close to even this year.

Joey Votto, Miguel Cabrera, Albert Pujols, and Justin Morneau. Here are there numbers:

Now, if this were, say, the NBA all star game, then fine. Vote in who you want and have a great time. But as we are all reminded every year “this time, it counts!” Well if it is going to decide something real like world series home field advantage then there should be a panel of experts who decide who SHOULD be in and out. Either that or take it out of the “hometown” fans hands. If you live in the zip code of your team according to mlbtv zoning, no voting for that teams players. I don’t understand how MLB allows blatant ballot stuffing every year.

While we are here and discussing things that need to happen that never will. Can we get the holier than thou baseball writers out of control of the Hall of Fame voting as well? Really? We weren’t quite sure Ricky Henderson was a HoF’er? Who leaves him off the ballot? They should have their vote removed. Same goes for anyone who flip flops on a player on a given year. How is it possible that 10 years later a player is more deserving of the HoF than he was when he retired? Nothing has changed. If there is a big revilation a la steroids or whatever, then go back and change it. This isn’t congress (and by the way, they are allowed to go back and fix mistakes too, they even repealed one of the amendments. One of 27 changes to our countries laws, was changed.), this is baseball. A game. And the Hall is a museum not the be all end all of the game of baseball.

Final though: Pete Rose has made more publicity and money out of NOT being in the Hall as he would have if they let him in in the first place. Great job brushing that one under the rug. He is one of the best hitters ever. He should be in.

Sorry, had to get that out. Back to the Sox posts tomorrow. Tied up in the 7th now, sounds like a good leverage talk!

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