Q and A: FightinPhillies’ Rich Baxter

By scotthumphries

Tomahawk Talk recently had the opportunity to do a 3-4 question  interview exchange with Rich Baxter of FightinPhillies (a GREAT Philadelphia Phillies blog/fansite), and with the Phillies and Braves currently playing each other in a three-game series, the timing couldn’t be better!

Here’s a look at what Rich had to say in response to our recent questions:

Tomahawk Talk: The Phillies have really been hit hard with injuries recently. Will they be able to weather the storm and return to the top of the NL East?

Rich Baxter: Great question. Yes, the Phillies have been battling injuries this year unlike the previous three years. They are a good second half team though, and if they can get healthy and stay healthy, they remain a threat.

Tomahawk Talk: There has been some talk about the Phillies re-acquiring Cliff Lee. Any chance that will happen?

Rich Baxter: First, trading Cliff Lee was strange in my opinion. How can you trade a guy that you could have had for two years at a decent price and that pitched lights out for the Phillies? There is a chance the Phillies may reacquire him, but it wouldn’t make sense unless they intend to sign him to a long-term contract.

Tomahawk Talk: Roy Halladay is certainly having a great first year as a Phillie. Is he the National League’s best starting pitcher?

Rich Baxter: He’s having a great year, despite the Phillies having a tough time scoring runs for him at times. Roy has yielded a lot of hits in his last five starts, yet his ERA is still low. I think Ubaldo Jimenez is holding on to the top spot among National League pitchers, with Halladay and Wainwright right on his heels.

Tomahawk Talk: What do the Phillies need to do to get back on top in the NL East?

Rich Baxter: They need to start playing better fundamental baseball. Hitting, and scoring runners, is still a struggle at times. Ryan Howard at third and no outs last night, and the Phillies can’t score him? That is the puzzling part of the Phillies.

Tomahawk Talk: Great stuff as usual, Rich. Thanks for doing the Q and A!

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