Woody Says: Look At The Schedule!

By tylernorton

With the Sox 8 games out and looking miserable down the stretch of every single game during the time between the starters and Bard. Lets forget the division now. All that matters is that we snag that wild card spot. There is one team we need to overtake too, the Rays. I don’t care what the standings say, the wild card is coming from the AL East.

Right now, we do stand in second 5 games back of the Rays. There are two things we desperately need: A long string of wins, and wins head to head vs the Rays. If we look at the schedule (and Woody’s board), the point where it is most likely is August 21th through Sept 22th. The Sox have 3 games each with (in this order)  Tor, Sea, TB, Bal, Chi, TB, Oak, Sea, Tor, Bal. That is a month stretch of games against bad teams and the Rays.

Perhaps more importantly, they will be healthy and back in rhythm by then. Martinez could be back today according to Tito. Dusty should be back around the start of that stretch, Jacoby will be around well before then (and maybe stick around this time). Our lineup and staff should be fully recovered. If we can make a small trade for a bit of pen help then we should be al set to make the run.

Also, we finish with 6/10 against the Yanks. Not that you should be ready for a divisional race, but if we sweep that first weekend, be ready for ESPN to start exploding.

It is also worth noting that last night I sent a message to Alastair that read “I’m not writing tonight, I hate them.” So I fluctuate. Today I’m in denial that this season could be over. There is plenty of time left, let me dream until its mid September and we are 6 games out of the wild card after being swept by the Rays and Crawford steals 3209 bases in 3 games.

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