Running Rant: Lackey's Return

By tylernorton

Tonight I’ll be doing a sports guy style running diary. I’ll do these for big games, weird games, or games where I am too aggravated with the Sox to cajole some intelligent content loose from my head. I’ll post my thoughts between innings. (It should be noted that these are unfiltered. Anger, happiness, and other emotions may come through… as well as bias)

Pregame – Tough break A Rod. Don’t let 599 get stuck in your head. Also, sweet… JD Drew came up lame in warm ups. That sounds about right. On another note, congrats to Garza, but perhaps more importantly to ESPN for trotting out anyone but Joe Morgan. I can’t admit that I enjoyed listening to Aaron ******* Boone, but he did a good job.

Top 1 – Jered weaver… nice haircut from last season. He does very well with his K’s because none of his pitches go straight. Even his heat moves a fair amount. I love that breaking ball that ended up on the lower outside corner. As I am typing that Jed Lowrie makes me look good with a double. Followed by Youk getting lucky in a ball 4. There was that pitch I talked about. As a pitcher, I love that pitch by Weaver. He didn’t get the call though.

I’m not going to pretend I know what Callaspo was thinking on that throw. Lets move on.

Bottom 1 – I’m not going to sugar coat it. I do not like John Lackey. I think he does not possess the IQ to be a great pitcher and I have no idea how he has been a good one thus far in his career (goot catchers calling pitches and him following blindly? Anyone know where I can get “shake off stats”?). I also don’t think it helps that he looks stupid. I don’t mean he looks ugly, I mean stupid. That being said, uneventful 1-2-3 inning.

Bottom 2 – Why slide when you can just catch the ball? Clearly an error. Also I’d like to thank Don Orsillo for reminding me that a walk off home run crippled one of my star fantasy players. I needed a good knife turn, cheers.  Halos hitless through 2.

Bottom 3 – As much as Scoot deserves credit for gunning that run down, V Mart gets huge daps for blocking the plate. Preemptive sacrifice of the body will always earn my praise. Turns out Anaheim won’t get dirty for a run even when they know it’ll be a close play. Somewhere, Dusty is cursing… wait, that is in the dugout.

Damnit Lackey, lose some weight. Also, stop missing spots with fastballs.

Top 4 – Weaver looks damn good.

Stranded runners, stranded runners, stranded runners. (and a bad call in the Sox favor at second base)

Top 7 – Legitimate pitchers duel here. Weaver is absolutely dealing. Darnell MacDonald has his number though. He has reached in all of his ABs tonight. The top of the order hasn’t been able to move him around yet though. Weaver is over 100 pitches now though, so it is only a matter of time until this becomes a battle of the bullpens…. uh oh. Weaver is getting squeezed. Has been all night with that outside corner.

What was Rivera doing that shallow with 2 outs? I feel bad for Weaver. That is a routine fly ball. Atrocious. Once again though, Jed Lowrie makes me look good.

Bottom 7 – Surprised and excited to see Lackey back out there. Stretch them out Tito, your pen is not great right now. Sweet job be Weaver of acting like an infant on the bench. I never understood why they couldn’t hold it together for 3 minutes to get into the clubhouse.

Nice pick by Beltre. Mathis singles to center and decided to jam on the breaks. The way those calls at second are going… probably a good decision.

Top 8 – David Ortiz motoring around those bags! Easy big fella! Beltre with a gapper RBI and only 1 out. Bard warming…. good times.

Torii Hunter makes those catches like its breathing for him. Crazy.

Bottom 8 – Speaking of crazy, Lackey is back out after 113 pitches for the 8th inning. He got one pop out though, so in Tito we trust I guess.

Never mind. I promise I wrote that all before that homer happened. Bard time.

Top 9 – All hell has broken loose on the Halo’s home field! Good god! Terrible fundamentals cost them the game tonight. Poor fielder placement, bad and awkward throwing errors, yeesh.

Bottom 9 – 1-2-3. Signed. Sealed. Delivered. Best Pap has looked in a while actually. Command and pitch selection. Good fight, good night.

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