Scoot Saves Sox From Embarrassing Loss

By tylernorton

A grand slam in the 8th propelled the Sox to what should have been an easy victory over a bullpen and starter by committee.

In the series finale the So were thinking sweet with Beckett facing the Anah…. LA pupu platter of pitchers du jour. Beckett performed well showing a nice breaking ball and his old school power heater (for a change). 5 hits and 1 BB (with 3 hits and the walk coming in the third. That means loads of solid innings) over 7 is not bad at all. I realize there were 3 earned runs, but things happen. He is still on the road back and this is a step in the right direction. A win is a win.

Game ball goes to Marco Scutaro (obviously). His slam propelled a somewhat dull offense to a comfy win (with the devastating Delcarmen, Ramirez combo finishing up incident free!).

While the HR can’t and shouldn’t be discounted, most of the finger pointing is on Rodney. Starting off the inning with 2 walks is unacceptable. In a game where the bullpen managed to get the ball to … well, the rest of the bullpen with the game tied, you need to hold that. The two walks swung the win expectancy about as much as the slam itself did. (17% vs 19%)

So in Colbert Nation we give a tip of the hat to Scoots and a wag of the finger to Rodney. Now if only the Yanks or Ray would lose a game (ever).

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