Carson Leaps and Misses

By robbieblock

In what has become one of the largest miscalculations since this, Matt Carson went all out for a flyball to rightfield in the 5th inning today and… well he blew it. 

The bases were loaded with two men out in what was shaping up to be a pitchers duel, and Carson thought to earn himself a webjem on what would have been a bloop single and the result is already well known.  The resulting bases clearing tripple ended up being the difference in the game, which we lost 4-1.  Gio Gonzalez worked a solid 8 innings striking out 11 and only allowing 6 hits while offering no free passes, click the more for a full wrap, or click here for the box score.

Well I have really harped on Carson’s fielding error, but all in all he was just trying to make a name for himself and keep his stay up here a bit longer.  No one is more sad about his play than he is, I am sure, so in the end it was ill-advised but he is reaping the most of the burden.

That being said, the A’s really had chances to get it back, and failed to capitalize on these opportunities.  They left 6 men on base and did not bring in the runs when necessary, only notching 5 hits all game.  You could say we really lost it when Jack Cust struck out with 1 out and the bases loaded in the top of the 6th, or when The Kouz merely grounded out off the very next pitch.

In short, while a lot of the blame rests on Carson, the whole lineup did not step up when they needed to.  With Kurt and Coco getting the day off, we really needed to take advantage of our opportunities and it seemed as though no one was ready to step up and take control.

So in the end, hat’s off to Gio, you played a great game and you cannot be mad about the loss you were handed.  To the rest of the squad, let’s get back out there tomorrow and get the ball rollin on a sweep of KC.

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