Ozzie Guillen To The MLB "Latinos Are Treated Unfairly"

By robertnovak

The never shy, very outspoken manager of the White Sox, Ozzie Guillen is stating that Latinos are treated unfairly and are not given the same privileges that Asian players are given.

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In his latest and greatest rant, Guillen says that he is the “only one” in baseball teaching the players in Latin American countries not to use performance enhancing drugs and that Major League Baseball doesn’t care about him doing that. He believes that the MLB only cares about how much he argues with umpires and all the things he says to the media.

Guillen truly believes that Latinos are treated unfairly because while Japanese players are assigned translators, as is the case with Hideki Matsui, Latino players do not get opportunities to have translators.

He also complains that Latino players are considered too old to sign if they are past 16 or 17 while players in the USA are signed after college when they are 21 or 22.

I’m all for Ozzie and his rants because he speaks his mind but this is just ridiculous. If Latino players were treated unfairly, why are there so many in baseball today? Why is he the manager of the White Sox? Why are they making millions and millions of dollars to work 6 months out of the year? Many people would kill to be in his position and yet he thinks Latinos are treated unfairly. With all the multiple Latin players on every MLB team, a translator isn’t necessary because they can all talk to each other and another player can translate for them. It’s just not something that’s a total necessity while there are very few Japanese players on teams so you need a translator.

As for the signing age. There is no guarantee that players will make it to the major leagues so they go to college to get a degree to fall back on. It just so happens that they graduate at the age of 21, 22, or 23 so there is no surprise at the age they are signing there. While Latino players are signed at a younger age, that doesn’t mean they are treated unfairly. It’s just the way things are.

I think Ozzie Guillen needs to just stick to arguing with the umpires because this is a fight he is never going to win.

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