Mike Lowell: The Good Soldier

By tylernorton

If you don’t feel bad for Mike Lowell you have no soul. That is a statement of fact. I’ve been talking to a lot of my friends and family about the Sox chances over the last week or so, and all of them tend to agree with the things I’m saying. At the heart of the issues are guys like Mike Lowell.

Here are some samples from recent facebook postings (my outlet) and snippets of conversations:

(comment made on July 31 after the first of two talk off wins against Detroit) – “The tiny chance the sox have this year is to do what they just did, lean on kids and hometown guys and hope to have emotion carry them. They aren’t as good as the Rays or Yanks, but kids like Bard, Kalish, and Lowrie have emotion and don’t know any better, and guy like Ortiz, Youk, and Pedroia are gamers Boston trusts. This needs to be the spark.”

Response (from my friend Dan) – “i paid 8 bucks for a sausage today. i’m throwing in the towel.”

Translation Rant – We (the Nation) are all sick of overpriced Fenway Park with a subpar team on the field. If you are going to put out a subpar product, at least make them likable. Not lifeless drones. On that note…

(The day before Lowell got recalled, right after Youk went down) – “Mike Lowell has a chance to play the ultimate good soldier. We are finally calling upon him after tormenting him all year. The fans still love him. He has been a model citizen all year. Like I said the other day. The way back for the Sox is through youth and Boston’s own. Lowell is the certainly one of our own.”

Response  (from my Dad after the game) – “Good call by you, especially after tonight’s game. Love Lowell and the fire shown by your guy, Beckett!”

Translation Rant – This team is dead in the water, and we need something to get us going. The day after Mike Lowell does just that what happens? He sits. How is he not in todays lineup? How does he not enter the game at all? Cash? MacDonald? Hall? Patterson? Give me a break. I’ve had enough. Here is what I want (and if we lose every game from here on out so be it, at least I’ll enjoy cheering for my team again):

DH Ortiz, C – Martinez, 1b – Lowell/Youk, 2b – Lowrie/Dusty, ss – Scoot, 3b – Beltre,  LF Kalish, CF – Ellsbury, OF – Drew…. Beckett, Lester, Buchholz, Lackey, Wakefield/Dice-k

If we are going to do anything else then bring up all the kids, rest Bard, trade Pap, and move on. Stop sending mixed signals as to whether you are trying to win this season or not.

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