The Must Split

By tylernorton

This past week if we’ve learned anything its that we don’t know who the hell we are chasing to the wild card or division. I still contest that there is no way they both fall off, but at this point who cares. Lets just win some games in the next few weeks and crawl back to within 2 games by September 10th. For today though, we worry about splitting with the Yanks this weekend.

Game 1 – Buchholz – Vasquez

Whichever way this game goes don’t panic. I’ve got the Sox lightly penciled in for this one. Buchholz is pitching well, and the Sox are due for a breakout game offensively. I’ve also come to the conclusion that baseball is essentially random. Tonight goes to the Sox on the back of Clay Buchholz, Ortiz, and V Mart.

Game 2 – Lackey – Sabathia

This should be the best game of the series. It is the best pitching matchup. Lackey has been very good lately and CC is well… CC. I’ve got somewhere around a 4-3 affair going to the Yanks after another Sox pun collapse. Followed by the entire fan base of the Red Sox lighting themselves on fire (prematurely, mind you).

Game 3 – Beckett – Burnett

Sunday Night Baseball. Josh Beckett coming off a start where he threw at a few guys and was fined for “fighting” (AKA yelling in Shelly Duncan’d general direction). I smell an intense, emotional game that lasts until about 1AM. I also smell a Sox win comfortably. Perhaps around 5-1. The wild card here is how vicious the crowd might be depending on the first two games.

Game 4 – Lester – Mosley

This game could go one of two ways. If the Sox haven’t won a game to this point in the series then Jon Lester will come through. If the Sox have won 2/3 to this point I could see the Lester is hurt talk pile up after another 4ER over 7 innings start. It should be noted that he has been an average pitcher recently. Not a terrible one, just not the Lester we are used to. I’ve got this one going to the Sox big after tagging Mosley in the afternoon game.

I’d say sit back and enjoy but, well, we are Sox fans. I’ll meet you on the bridge Saturday night.

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